Early adolescence is a crucial time in a student’s development. This is when they undergo profound changes, both physically and emotionally, and learn many of the soft skills and habits that will stay with them throughout their time in education and beyond.

During these formative years, the care and attention of a dedicated teacher can make all the difference. Individualized learning allow for teachers at Kells to truly know all their students. However, our school goes far beyond this, creating a middle school so that young teens have a smooth step between elementary school and high school, paving the way for a seamless transition into greater independence. Continue reading to discover just some of the many benefits offered by this environment.


For many students, the learning opportunities available outside of the regular school curriculum are a truly valuable and cherished part of their high school education. These opportunities allow them to explore their interests, whether these include a passion for chess, a fascination with robotics, or a love of yoga. For a number of young learners, exploring such passions can be their favourite part of the day.

Kells Academy doesn’t just recognize the value of such opportunities: it celebrates them. Our FLEX program allows students to explore their interests in a supportive environment, helping to spark a lifelong passion for learning.

Keep reading to learn more about what a FLEX education means, and the benefits it offers to students.


It was with great excitement that we launched our first ever ELL Camp at Kells Academy last week. International students arrived from various parts of the world including France, China, Iran, and Korea. The enthusiasm of the students was palpable as they embarked on a fun and engaging language learning experience.


For young students, early adolescence can be a time of self-discovery, growth, and positive change, but it can also be a time of increased stress, sometimes leading to poor choices. Some even say that the middle school years are a “make it or break it” time—when students either flourish or begin to feel disenchanted with their education.

While middle school offers a supportive step between elementary school and high school, few middle schools exist in Québec. Kells Academy is one of the few trailblazers offering this specific environment. Taught using our individualized approach to learning, our middle school program offers a truly unique education that supports students as they navigate these difficult years.

Discover why an individualized approach is so important to the healthy development and academic success of young teens entering middle school.


The Tandem team strives to make a difference in the community of Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Their objective is to increase the sense of security of its citizens and to teach them strategies to reduce their risk of becoming victims of crime.

At Kells Academy, we recognize the importance of promoting tolerance within the student body and giving them tools to prevent bullying.

Our Grade 7 classes welcomed Joseph Lambert from the Tandem organization, a group that works on creating a safer environment in the Montreal area; it was an informative and engaging workshop.