The annual Spring concert is a special event for Kells Academy. It brings our community together and gives our students the opportunity to showcase their musical, dramatic and dance talents for family and friends. This year we varied from tradition by putting on a full musical production, an adapted version of the film Across The Universe, which features many of The Beatles legendary songs. Through close collaboration, teamwork, dedication and no small amount of talent, approximately 175 students from 4 campuses came together to create a superb show with an unforgettable message of peace, love and understanding.

For this year’s theme, our students chose to take a trip Across the Universe—and across the pond—to explore and celebrate the themes of some of the Beatles’ most memorable songs. Through close collaboration, teamwork, dedication, and no small amount of talent, our students and staff came together to create a superb show with an unforgettable message of peace, love, and understanding.

Read on to find out what surprises our students had in store for this year’s spring concert!


Encouraging young minds to think critically and analyze is an important step in their personal and academic development. The subjects they learn in and out of class can help them acquire crucial skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

Literature and creative writing is more than just studying words on a page—exploring the deeper meaning behind what our students read can help them develop their own thoughts and opinions, as well as help them find new and artistic ways to express themselves as individuals. The written word helps us build a bridge between ourselves and the world around us, and forge deeper, more meaningful connections with the things we learn every day.

Kells Academy recently had the privilege to participate in the Quebec Association of Independent Schools’ (QAIS) essay competition. Read on to find out how our students excelled, and to discover how we’re promoting their passion for writing in and out of the classroom.


At Kells Academy, we take great pride in the diversity of our school. Students travel from all over the world to join the Kells community, and our inclusive, multicultural environment allows students to broaden their knowledge of other cultures, share their perspectives and traditions with friends from different backgrounds, and ultimately, to develop a more international outlook on the world and become better global citizens.

One of the ways that we celebrate our diversity is with International Day, held this year on April 12th. International Day is an annual event where students come together to share their own cultures through food, dress, dance, and more.

Here’s a quick overview of this year’s recent International Day celebrations, and how they fit in with Kells Academy’s values of diversity and multiculturalism.


With all of our students enjoying access to laptops and iPads, Kells Academy has long recognized the importance of integrating the latest technology into the learning experience. When used appropriately, technology is a powerful tool that can open students up to new ideas, make learning more engaging, and help them organize and review materials. At the same time, we recognize that as educators, we have a responsibility to teach our students how to use technology safely, particularly when it comes to online cybersafety.

Cybersafety is taken very seriously by both students and staff members at Kells. Here are three reasons why we promote online cybersecurity, and the ways we help our students stay safe in an increasingly digital world.


Kells Academy is committed to helping students meet their potential, not only academically and socially, but also when it comes to their fitness and health. Along with a nutritious and balanced diet, an active lifestyle is an essential part of maintaining one’s physical and mental health. Despite this, according to Statistics Canada, only about 35% of 5-17 olds are getting their recommended daily hour of physical activity, and only around 1 in 5 adults meet their recommended 150 minutes of physical activity every week.

With all of this in mind, Kells Academy has made April all about health and fitness, with a month-long fitness challenge to help students, teachers, and staff meet their daily exercise goals and improve their physical and mental wellbeing! Read on to learn more about Kells Academy’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.