Thank you from the Matosic Family

April 2013

Dear Ms. Woods,

Already 6 years has gone by since our son Anthony started attending Kells in Elementary School and now he is already in 9th grade and getting ready for grade 10.

At the age of 5 years, Anthony was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and a Speech and Language Delay as well. Anthony attended public school in the East End of Montreal. The school did not have enough resources for all students, as Anthony’s difficulties were considered mild compared to other children that had more severe difficulties. Needles to say, we received very little help or assistance at school in regards to his needs. We had to seek for private Speech and Language Services, learn as much as we could about ADD on our own and use strategies at home to help him cope with his difficulties. After 3 years of public school, we knew we had to find a better place for him. We were very worried about him, not only about his academic success but also about his emotional well-being.

Kells was recommended to us by a teacher from the Montreal Children’s Hospital. We will never forget the day we met with you and Mrs. Wasserman. This was the most positive and encouraging meeting about our son that we ever had. The assurance and confidence that you expressed about Anthony’s strengths and potential was music to our ears. You accepted our son the way he was and told us not to worry.

From the start Anthony adjusted to his new school very well. Everyone at Kells made him feel welcomed and comfortable. Accommodations were made right away for his individual learning style. We had access to a Resource Teacher and continuous feedback with the teacher throughout the year. I believe that with the strategies that were put in place in the classroom, along with the different teaching styles (visual and hands on) has helped Anthony achieve success and increase self confidence. The teacher is able to give more attention to the students that are having difficulties.

Thanks to the positive and stimulating learning environment at Kells, Anthony was able to reach his personal and academic potential.

I can’t stress enough how grateful we are to your school, to you Ms. Woods, Ms. Perlman, Mrs. Wasserman, Ms. Morris and all the teaching and support staff at Kells Academy for making school a very positive and enjoyable experience for Anthony and for us as parents.

Yours truly,

Ines Gregorovic and Dordo Matosic