A personal experience. A private school history.

Working as an educator in the public sector, I found that devoting time to after-school tutorials was a most positive and enriching experience for my students. I was consistently impressed at what students were able to learn and accomplish in a few short tutoring sessions, in comparison to the hours spent trying to master the same material in the classroom. This led me to consider a practical application of the tutorial model in a classroom setting, and resulted in the 1978 establishment of a unique tutorial service: the Westmount Learning Centre; and ultimately, to the founding of Kells Academy.

To recreate the one-on-one tutorial experience we committed to a warm, welcoming environment, and engaging the participation of supportive and enthusiastic teachers. Using this model we were able to make learning more interesting, meaningful, and relevant, and most importantly, teach at the individual pace of each student— attributes we maintain and adhere to, to this very day.

In 1990, Kells Academy acquired its own building in NDG at the corner of De Maisonneuve Boulevard West and Park Row West. Further expansion took place in 2004 with acquisition of the Hydro Quebec building situated on Cavendish Boulevard corner of De Maisonneuve, and now, our thriving elementary campus under the direction of Marla Perlman.

Irene Woods, Director, Kells Academy