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Smart Alarms and Mobile Apps: Digital Highlights from Our English High School Students at the Kells 2019 Science Fair

At Kells Academy, we recognize the important role that digital technology has come to play in almost every aspect of our daily lives. This is one of the reasons why Kells places such a strong emphasis on teaching students how to make use of the newest cutting-edge technology to research, collaborate, create, and more.

Students at Kells learn how to develop advanced audio/video presentations, blogs, and web pages while learning through interactive lessons on their iPads, and using online tools to work together on group projects. Technology is integrated into students’ learning all across the curriculum, allowing them to see how digital tools can be used to solve problems across a variety of domains and to continually develop their technological skills.

At the 2019 Kells Science Fair, these skills were on full display as students shared a range of fascinating and impressive projects, including their own mobile apps and smart appliances. Here are a couple of the high-tech highlights showing off our students’ digital abilities.

Armin’s Smart Fire Detector Used Digital Technology to Protect Lives

Through his smart fire detector project, Grade 10 student Armin showed how a fire sensor could use Wi-Fi to connect directly to the fire department, alerting them to the emergency and providing them with information about the occupants of the building and any medical conditions they may have.

An Integrated Development Environment allowed him to create the Java application that would alert fire departments and another application was used to design the circuit powering the Wi-Fi module in the fire detector. He also created an iOS application to allow users to sign up for the service on their smartphones, add family members and their medical information, and link to the fire sensor.

Armin’s project was a great example of the kind of sophisticated digital skills that Kells English high school students develop through their regular use of technology in the classroom!

english high school

At Kells, students like Armin get extensive hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology

Salman Created a Mobile App to Help Young People Improve their Social Skills

Kells students understand the value of using technology to solve complex problems in a variety of different domains. For example, since smartphones are so ubiquitous among young people today, our Grade 11 student Salman decided that a mobile app would be the perfect medium to tackle the problem of shyness and social awkwardness among adolescents.

Salman’s app for iPhones and iPads was designed to give users several features they could use to improve their social skills, including a note-taking tool, a calendar function, and the ability to create profiles of prospective friends.

Salman created all of this using the apple development tool XCode and the programming language Swift, and after his prototype was complete, he tested it with peers and solicited feedback through a questionnaire in order to make improvements.

private high school

Kells students like Salman use technology in every aspect of their education

Digital Technology is Central to Our English High School Education

Given how central a role technology plays in Kells Academy’s curriculum, it should come as no surprise to see our students so keen to apply advanced digital tools to complex problems.

Students at Kells Academy private high school use iPads to receive assignments, ask questions, and collaborate with their peers; they enjoy interactive and engaging in-class lessons using SmartBoards and study and create using cutting-edge technology in our well-equipped computer lab. Through our Flex program, students at Kells can even build their own robots, learning about mechanics, sensors, and programming.

By integrating technology into every aspect of the educational experience, and giving students opportunities to experiment and learn with different technologies, Kells Academy helps students gain a deeper understanding of the role that digital technologies play in our lives and how they can be used to address a wide variety of problems – including reducing the risk of house fires and improving social skills!

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