Kells' Academic High School Students Excel at the 2019 World Scholar's Cup

For over a decade, the World Scholar’s Cup has been bringing students together from all over the globe. It’s a competition designed to celebrate the joy of learning, stimulating students to achieve new heights while also offering a fun and truly memorable experience. Since its humble beginnings, the World Scholar’s Cup has grown into an international phenomenon that draws in thousands of students from over 100 different regions.

The theme this year was ‘A World on the Margins.’ Students Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie represented Kells Academy at the Montreal Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, which took place from January 18-19 at St. George's School. Our team placed second overall, with Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie earning over 30 medals!

Read on to learn more about how our students shone at the 2019 Montreal Round of the World Scholar’s Cup. 

Our Academic High School Students Excelled as a Team

As a team, Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie competed in four separate events: The Scholar’s Challenge, Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, and The Scholar’s Bowl.

After the Opening Ceremony, the competition began with the Collaborative Writing event. Each student had to choose one of six subjects, and write a persuasive essay on the topic—making sure to choose a different subject than their teammates. The Kells team placed first in this competition, with Katie and Carolyn each winning a silver medal, and Hai Minh taking gold.

Feb 6 English high school

Katie, Carolyn, and Hai Minh represented Kells Academy, earning over 30 medals!

Next up was the Scholar’s Challenge, in which students had to answer multiple choice questions in six subjects: Art, Social Science, History, Literature, Science, and a Special Area (which for 2019 was “Unsolved Mysteries”). Carolyn, Katie, and Hai Minh came out strong, placing 2nd as a team. Carolyn was awarded two gold medals, one in Arts and the other in Literature. Hai Minh earned five gold medals, placing first in both Literature and in the “Unsolved Mysteries” Special Area.

Our English high school students then participated in the Team Debate, which included three lively discussions as well as feedback sessions in between rounds. They placed 8th, with Carolyn earning a silver medal and Hai Minh earning a gold medal for the top debater in the category.

On the second day of the World Scholar’s Cup, the Scholar’s Bowl offered a lively round of competition. Using their clicker to answer questions speedily, Katie, Hai Minh, and Carolyn worked together, placing 2nd. We’re so proud of our academic high school students and all of their achievements!

Special attention should also be paid to Kells’ own Mr. Jankowski, who was recognized for Distinguished Service as Debate Adjudicator as well as for Distinguished Leadership as a Team Coordinator.

Having Fun and Building Memories at the World Scholar’s Cup

Carolyn, Katie, and Hai Minh excelled at the World Scholar’s Cup. Their strong regional performance means that they qualified for the Global Rounds this summer. In fact, Hai Minh was the highest scoring individual overall!

Of course, while competing in the World Scholar’s Cup offers a thrilling challenge, part of what makes this competition such a rewarding experience is that it is also about promoting a sense of global community. The World Scholar’s Cup aims to foster connection and a genuine joy of learning, which is why it focuses on discussion and even includes a little humour! For example, one fun event included in the competition involved students balancing stuffed alpacas on their heads. The Alpaca Balance is a beloved tradition included in the World Scholar’s Cup, and Katie, Hai Minh, and Carolyn won this challenge too!

independent high school

The World Scholar’s Cup included fun and unique challenges such as balancing stuffed alpacas

We are so proud of Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie, and look forward to the next round of the World Scholar’s Cup!

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