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Why High School Students Should Learn Robotics

Programming and robotics have the potential to increase productivity, reliability and benefit many areas of our society, but in order to achieve this, first we must find the best way to teach the STEM superstars of the future.

Kells Academy believes in preparing youth for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. That includes offering students the chance to become involved in areas they have a personal interest in, which stimulates their curiosity and encourages them towards a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. To this end, we’ve given students plenty of opportunity to learn more about robotics—either through our FLEX program or our extensive extracurricular offerings.

This head start gives students an advantage later on as the skills they develop help to pave the way for future success. If you want to learn how your child’s education can benefit from getting involved in robotics, read on to find out more.

Robotics Can Help Prepare High School Students for the Future

The widespread adoption of technology among younger generations means that students are more familiar with digital concepts, and we want to provide them with the opportunity to further explore and understand those concepts and processes if they choose to. Finding your life’s passion is no easy feat, but at Kells we believe in supporting students through this process.

 High School

Kells Academy aims to give students the resources they need to grow into their full potential

By including robotics as an extracurricular and as part of our FLEX program, our academic high school gives students the opportunity to get involved in an emerging field early in their education. Nurturing a student’s interest through practical and engaging activities may one day lead them into a STEM career, and pave the way to a whole world of possibility.

Students Can Develop ‘Robotic Literacy’

Even if students don’t choose to pursue a career in robotics, the concepts they learn can help inform their understanding of our modern world. Many people have preconceived notions about robotics and how that technology can be applied in the real world. Robotic literacy helps dispel myths and allows students to develop a familiarity and understanding of the field.

Kells offers robotics because it allows students to form links between the digital world and the real world and encourages them to make meaningful connections they can build upon. By building our high school students’ experience with robotics, we hope to help them better understand the underlying processes and components at work. By creating their own robots and assigning them specialized tasks, they can have a better grasp on the power of programming as well as engineering.

Our High School’s Approach to Robotics Promotes Inclusivity

While the primary benefit of learning robotics may be academic, it can also encourage positive social aspects like inclusivity. Students who choose to participate in FLEX Robotics at Kells are brought together over their shared interest in the digital world and programming. Students from different grades learn to work together, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. They can also participate in some friendly competition as they make robots compete against one another, which encourages a deeper investment and many other interpersonal skills that can benefit them throughout high school and beyond.

academic high school

The universal language of programming encourages students at Kells to work together

Are you interested in preparing your child with a cutting-edge education for a future in STEM?

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