Science & Technology

The teaching of science and technology combines the best of traditional methodology with cutting edge contemporary practice.

At Kells, we embrace technology as a powerful asset to make learning more interesting and relevant. With our 1-1 iPad program, we are able to use technology to further personalize and customize learning. While nothing can replace the personal motivation our students receive when working directly with their teachers, we believe that technology gives them access to today’s most powerful and innovative learning tools, preparing students for the future.

Incorporating STEM education (the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and math) allows us to meet guidelines in a variety of unique and engaging ways. With an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking.

Our dedicated Maker Space room provides students with the space and materials to design, create and innovate as well as real life authentic application opportunities.

Visits from experts from McGill University Science Outreach, The Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Redpath Museum engage our junior scientists, as do trips to the Montreal Science Centre, Cosmodome, Biodome and Botanical Gardens. Virtual field trips with changemakers around the world round out the program.

For those with a passion for science and math, coding and robotics classes trigger an excitement for inquisitive critical thinking opportunities while developing the literacy of the 21st century. Even from an early age, students develop better logical, analytical and computational thinking and practice effective teamwork.

Research dictates that outdoor education reduces stress, improves attention, and increases motivation. Our Outdoor Classroom Garden provides students with ample opportunities for hands-on exploratory learning and connections to our natural world.