A unique approach.

Kells Elementary students approach academics with a growth mindset and a can do attitude. Identifying individual skill levels is the first step in the process of understanding exactly what each student needs to learn confidently. This individualized approach helps to ensure that each student has the best opportunity for success, leading to greater resilience, perseverance and self-esteem. Kells students are not passive spectators to the learning process, but rather active participants who learn by doing.

At Kells Elementary, the curriculum is enhanced with our ever popular Flex option program which allows young students to explore and develop new skills and talent with courses such as coding, stop motion animation, yoga and meditation, chess, dance and filmmaking.

Kells places high importance on Physical Education, as it does on Fine Arts, and on Music with both vocal and instrumental opportunities for learning.

We place importance on environmental education and encourage our students to learn about sustainability, energy conservation and biodiversity. Our collaboration with Oboot, an initiative started by Kells students and their Mom, has afforded students the opportunity to meet and interview changemakers in the field of climate change.

Empathy, inclusivity, diversity and tolerance are not new concepts to Kells Elementary. In and out of the classroom, students are immersed in a peaceful community where they are mindful of each other and the world around them. Our annual International Day is a celebration of diversity, where students and parents take pride in their cultural heritage and learn from each other. Learning how to solve problems and resolve conflict effectively is an essential element in becoming future leaders and global citizens.