Fast Facts & FAQ

5 quick facts about Kells:

  • No Certificate of Eligibility is required (click to see Quebec education eligibility)
  • Member of Peaceful Schools International
  • After-school coaching, tutoring, and homework program
  • A hot lunch is included in the tuition
  • We have Flex option courses

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the percentage of French taught?
Our program is approximately 20% French taught as a second language. Enrichment is provided to Francophone students or those who have attended French or immersion schools.
Do you offer extracurricular activities?
Most activities occur during the lunch hour and are based on student interest. They include a variety of clubs such as Spirit Committee, Green Committee, Choir, Building Club, Chess Club, Science Club, Running Club, Scrapbooking Club, Knitting Club.
Do you offer any sports?
At the Cycle 3 level (gr 5 & 6) we offer competitive Soccer and Basketball teams. Skill development for these and other sports are offered in the Physical Education and Flex programs for all grade levels and include Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Yoga, Dance, Soccer Baseball, Jump Rope.
What if my child has never studied in English?
From the moment your child arrives at Kells, an emphasis is placed on language development. Students receive additional support from our learning specialist in the resource room, and have access to online language learning and reading instructional programs.