A Home Away From Home

Designed for students overseas and away from their families, the homestay program provides a secure living environment.  Staying with a family gives students unique insight into the Canadian way of life, as well as an excellent opportunity to practice language skills. In fact, students may choose either an English or French-speaking family depending on their needs.  Kells Academy acts as a liaison with the family, and when necessary, a translator is provided.  Homestay families are usually located close to the school or just a bus ride away.

Kells recognizes the importance of a homestay family for the student leaving home, often for the first time.  Our staff makes every effort to support a smooth transition to their new home and makes sure that the student feels safe and secure with the family.  Open communication between the home and school helps ensure that the student’s dietary preferences and other concerns, including pets and allergies, are respected.  Kells also offers a 24-hour on-call coordinator, available to all visiting students.

All homestay families are screened carefully by our homestay counselor, and most already have experience in hosting students. Selection of homestay families is based not only on their desire to host an international student, but on their ability to provide a comfortable room and adequate supervision.  Most host families have their own children, though the ages may not match the age of the visiting student.  

Host students are welcomed into the home as if they were a member of the family and are encouraged to participate in family activities.  Like all Canadians, our families come from diverse cultures -- and are usually eager to share their cultural experiences with the new ‘son’ or ‘daughter’.  The homestay is a worthwhile and enriching experience for our overseas students, and the relationship often continues long after the student has returned to the home country.