2021-2022 Grade 12 Program Fees

  • Application Fee: $150 (non-refundable - to be submitted with application form)
  • Admission Fee: $250 (non-refundable - due upon acceptance)
  • Total Annual Tuition: $19,800.00
    • Payments to be received by August 2nd, 2021
    • Payments dated August 20th 2021 ($9,900) and January 31st, 2022 ($9,900)

Alternative Payment Plan:

10 payments to be received by August 2nd, 2021 post dated cheques or credit card) payable August 20, 2021 and the 20th of every month from September 2021 to May 2022. (There is an additional $20.00 administrative charge per post-dated payment.)

Accessory Fees: (due August 25, 2021)
Technology & Materials: $700.00
Building Fund: $1,300.00
Graduation: $300.00

Other Fees:

Transfer Fee: $1,000.00


  1. 10% for the second child
  2. 15% for the third child
  3. 20% for the fourth child or more


  • $1350.00 per month for a triple room
  • $1650.00 per month for a double room
  • $1900.00 per month for a single room

These fees include a furnished room with 3 meals per day.

Payment Method:

Cheque, Wire transfer, or Debit Card.


Kells Academy does not issue refunds for the Grade 12 Program. Enrolment initiates several administrative tasks that are completed by our staff. These include activating the student’s account, completing the registration, enlisting instructors, creating physical and digital files, organizing schedules and liaising with organizational offices. This administrative work will be completed even if the student does not begin the course.