Visual & Performing Arts

Further enriching their learning experience, Kells students at every grade are provided with progressive instruction across a broad range of visual and performing arts. By participating or simply through exposure to the arts, they develop an understanding and appreciation not only of the art itself, but also of harmony, beauty, and the many other attributes and concepts found therein.

Kells’ visual arts program provides students with the opportunity to express creativity through design and composition. Students build and show their portfolios periodically throughout the year, with many opportunities for works to be showcased across the campus.

Our music program develops appreciation while providing talented musicians with a new performance venue. Students are invited to participate and perform at several events throughout the year, such as our winter festival, spring concert, and of course, during graduation.

Our drama program allows students to develop and deepen their sense of self through performance. Through acting, role-playing, and the act of public speaking, the develop poise, confidence and a better ability to deal with life issues.