An advanced model for learning and living

At Kells Academy, we embrace technology as a powerful asset to making learning more interesting, fun and relevant. Through technology, we are able to better personalize and customize learning. While nothing can replace the personal motivation and help that students receive from working directly with their teacher, we see our many technological aids as being a most powerful and innovative tool for helping students prepare for the future.

We are proud leaders in our region in the integration of technology into the classroom, with all Kells students benefitting from laptop and iPad availability and use in the classroom. However, rather than teaching computer skills in isolation, we strive to use these technologies across the breadth of our teaching programs, arming our students with the skills they need to succeed in any field, in our increasingly interconnected society. As such, students conduct online research and create presentations, projects, blogs and web pages, harnessing the power of technology in countless ways.

Our students and teachers have immediate access to today’s powerful learning tools. Our teachers integrate technology into every aspect of our curriculum. Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of electronic resources, often augmenting information with links to graphic presentations, photographs, and sound files, relative to the academic subject and audience. As a result, what begins as a simple critical review of a summer book might easily grow into an advanced audio/video presentation, and a more rewarding and captivating experience for students and audiences alike.