Guidance & Diploma


Our guidance program ensures that students make informed choices about their future. Throughout high school, students are presented with a range of career choices with an emphasis on helping students maximize and understand their particular interests and aptitudes. Assistance with the paperwork for college applications is provided as well as letters of recommendation. To help students with personal concerns, the guidance counselor is available on a one-to-one basis.

Our graduates enroll in the faculties of Commerce, Business, Law, Medicine and Engineering at both McGill University and Concordia University, as well as American and European universities.

Diploma Requirements

The following credits are required:

  • 6 credits in Secondary V English
  • 4 credits in Secondary V French as a Second Language
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV Mathematics or a Secondary V Math course
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV Science
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV History & Citizenship Education
  • 2 credits in Secondary IV "Arts" - Drama, Music or Visual Arts
  • 2 credits in Secondary V Ethics or Physical Education