The Right Fit

March 2017

We moved from New York City in 2009, and our son did not adapt well to the change nor the schools he was in. He had great difficulty dealing with his emotions and environment. By grade 6, he was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s, and his doctor recommended Kells Academy. His visit to the school struck a chord with him, and he wanted no other high school. While it was an adjustment for him to adapt to a third new school in three years, it stuck. It was the right fit. The principal and the teachers could tell what made him tick and provided him the type of attention that suited his needs and personality. Our son has made friends, his marks have greatly improved, he participates in class, and best of all, he’s happy. We highly recommend Kells to any family that is looking for an alternative choice in their son’s or daughter’s education.

Grant & Marina