Math, Science & Technology

The teaching of math, science and technology combines the best of traditional methodology with cutting edge contemporary practice.

Multimodal and hands-on instruction allows students to process information in a variety of ways and offers strategies which are beneficial for all learning styles. Manipulative tools and technology based online instructional methods (IXL MATH, teacher created videos, iPads) engage students in meaningful activities. For students who struggle with math conceptual learning, intensive remediation in our resource room provides them with the strategies they require for concept mastery. Students who are working at advanced levels in math receive enrichment.

Incorporating STEAM education (the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) allows us to meet the guidelines in a variety of unique and engaging ways. With an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, an active classroom offers students real life authentic application opportunities. Our 3D printer, makerspaces in each classroom, coding and robotics classes, trigger an excitement for inquisitive, exploratory learning. Visits to the Montreal Science Centre, Biodome, Botanical Gardens, Insectarium allow students to experience the world of science in their own community. Our outdoor garden classroom immerses students in the natural world in our own backyard.
The use of information and learning technology is embedded within teaching and learning, and supports students in an active process of discovery and innovation.