Kells Elementary has been a life changer for our family. Our son is happy and enjoys his grade 5 class. It's a perfect fit for him. We are extremely grateful for the positive experience.

Rosa and Stephane

I am forever grateful that Kells have been extremely supportive and accommodating to my family.


We would like lo take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to you and all the educators at Kells Elementary for what has been an all-around excellent year for our son Zach.

Over the past year, we have noticed positive changes and growth in our child. It is a joy to watch Zach grow, produce and flourish as he has, and there is no doubt that the excellence in education provided at Kells plays a huge role in his achievements and overall development. The nurturing school environment at Kells has been exactly what he’s needed.

Kells continues to be a positive experience for Zach. The enthusiasm brought to the classes on daily basis has helped him grow not only academically but socially as well.

The kindness and caring nature at Kells, coupled with his individualize education program inspire Zach to trust himself, and provides him with self-confidence to complete his tasks, which serves as a foundation for his success, now and for the future.

Kells Elementary is truly an outstanding school, and we thank you and the quality educators sincerely for all the efforts and patience you have shown which help to shape Zach into a more focused student.

We look forward to a new year of continued success for Zach, and Kells.


Johnny Woldegabriel and Nora Hanna

We are very happy with the school and how Sara Mariana is in the process of integration. Also, we have a permanent communication with professors and administrative personnel when needed and everybody at the school has been really helpful and kind.

Ana Maria Hernandez Salgar

Dear Ms. Perlman,

Patrice and I wanted to thank you and the staff at Kells for the wonderful experience that Lily Jade had this past year. As you know, we were suddenly thrown into this decision the week before school, following a delayed diagnosis.

Although the first few months were quite difficult, as Lily Jade did not want to switch schools, she slowly grew to love Kells. She recently told me that, as opposed to her old school where all they did was "work, work, work", that at Kells, she just has fun all day long.

Her progress has been astounding: from reading, to math, to social skills, to self-confidence. Even our home life has seen a tremendous change: she used to come home from school completely exhausted from trying so hard to keep up, and would melt down the moment she stepped in our front door. Now, we have the absolute pleasure of seeing her smile, both going to and leaving school. She is a much happier child.

We specifically want to make a point of mentioning Lily Jade's teacher, Ms. Mazzamauro. Patrice and I were so impressed with her over the year: her enthusiasm, her energy, her kindness, her wonderful way of interacting with her students. Lily Jade absolutely adores her teacher, and so do we.

Have a wonderful summer -

Kind regards,

Kira and Patrice

Kells Elementary has been a positive experience for our daughter and this is her best year so far. She is very happy with her teachers and has a great group of friends. She is excited about going to school.

Stephanie Pesner

Dear Mrs. Perlman,

You can't imagine how much my girls and I miss Kells and everyone there.
Kells is a magical place where children learn without even realizing it.
Everything seems easy and fun, everyday is enjoyable. Every teacher is a
good example and someone who knows you and cares for you.

I am still amazed at how much Clarisa and Fernanda learned in a year, and
they loved every moment of it. Thank you so much for that year, we returned home changed and we will never forget you.

Ana Toro

Every day, Sophie looks forward to going to school to see your teachers and students from all over the world to learn various courses and understand the world from different perspectives. With our understanding of the city of Montreal and our child’s in-depth study in school, our family gradually fell in love with the city and recognized the educational philosophy of your school.

Polly,& Mother of Sophie Tong

My experience with Kells Elementary during a 7 year period was extraordinary‎. The support given to my two children was excellent. The Head of School and all the teachers always went beyond expectation; evidence of their enormous commitment to their students. Their skill, wisdom and kindness was evident in the quality of teaching, support and parent communication. I would highly recommend this school to any parent who is looking for a school to nurture their child to his/her full potential.

Donna Gordon Zuckerman