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Celebrating Success: Highlights from Kells Academy's 2023 Convocation
Book of Kells


Question : What do the Harry Potter series and Kells Academy have in common?

Answer : Trinity Library, Dublin, home of the world famous Book of Kells

Who knew that around the same time author J.K. Rowling was imagining the story of a young wizarding student named Harry Potter, Kells Academy founder and director Irene Woods was drawing inspiration from what would become one of the movie franchise’s most recognizable locations when naming her own school? It’s true!

Kells Academy takes its name from the Book of Kells, which is archived in the breathtakingly beautiful library of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. It’s little wonder that this architectural masterpiece was chosen by the Harry Potter movie location scouts as the setting for the student library at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Known as The Long Room within the Old Library, the 65-metre 300 year old wood panelled chamber houses over 200,000 of Trinity College’s oldest books, the Book of Kells among them. It is the longest single-chamber library in existence. Learn More

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    When it comes to e-learning, Kells has a distinct advantage. Our remote learning capabilities were ten years in the making, with staff trained on early versions of Google Classroom. Evolving along with the platform has been an ongoing priority, so our teachers and students were comfortable with e-learning technology long before coronavirus became 2020's word of the year. The move to distance learning has been seamless for our students. We’ve leveraged our existing online academic program, moving forward with a government-mandated curriculum, as planned. While teaching Kells students from the curriculum hasn’t changed, our teaching staff also knows where to go to get the best online teaching resources. Today, we're happy to share some of them with you. We know not all students here in Canada and elsewhere have enjoyed the same smooth transition towards distance learning as Kells students, and, instead, have to rely on alternative sources. We hope this curated list of resources will...

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Article 21: Student & Parent Rights in Québec’s Education System

Article 21 in Québec's education system is designed to safeguard students and parents by implementing rules and procedures. This article focuses on resolving complaints effectively to enhance the educational system. It includes provisions for quick responses in specific situations and ensures a fair and transparent process for everyone involved, including complainants and those assisting in resolving issues.

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