The Terry Fox Run is an annual worldwide event dedicated to raising awareness for cancer research. Across the globe, runners line up to cover various distances in honour of the race’s namesake, Terry Fox, who first began the tradition in 1980. After being diagnosed with bone cancer, Terry was inspired to run across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in what he called the Marathon of Hope.

Since its inception, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $715 million in independent donations through the annual run. People from all walks of life are welcome to join the race and celebrate the ethics and values that Terry represented when he first set out to cross the country, and the students at Kells pitched in and organized a run of their own. Read on to hear more about how our students participated in achieving Terry’s goal.


Students today grow up in a world that is increasingly utilizing the internet and digital devices. Whether connecting with friends online, conducting research for an assignment, or browsing sites for fun, children experience technology as an everyday and essential part of their lives.

This can offer many important benefits. Technology allows students to access a wealth of terrific educational resources and stay in contact with friends from all over the world. However, it is equally if not more important for students to learn how to use this technology responsibly. Digital citizenship means approaching online resources critically, safely, and in a courteous and professional manner.

Of course, being a local leader at integrating technology within the classroom means Kells Academy also helps students learn to harness it in a positive way. Continue reading to learn how our middle school fosters digital citizenship.


As part of our Physical Education Program, our Grade 11 and 12 students took the opportunity to experience the beautiful natural wonders of Quebec when they participated in Classe Rouge, our annual overnight retreat in Wentworth.

During this special trip, we focus on physical activity, leadership exercises, and team-building challenges, while encouraging our students to collaborate and spend some quality time together outside of school. Read on to learn more about all the fun activities our students participated in, as well as the valuable lessons they learned.


Education is an important aspect of any child’s life, and influences not only their development, but their attitude and perceptions about the world around them and their place in it. Here at Kells, we believe that by providing a more adaptive and supportive learning experience, children receive the necessary attention, encouragement, and independence needed to grow into their best selves.

Their Kells experience teaches them to be thoughtful, receptive, and proactive in their personal and professional lives. Read on to learn more on how our private high school can lead your child to success at university and beyond.


Every student learns differently, and establishing a strong educational foundation is a decisive stage in any child’s development. At Kells Academy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our teaching. We believe that each student offers their own unique perspectives, experiences, and interests which should be encouraged to ensure future success, and we work to cultivate a meaningful and innovative learning environment for our students.

We want students to work within their comfort zones while also feeling confident and supported enough to grow as individuals, and we adhere to a high standard of values to see that their needs are met. With our personalized curriculum, international community representation, and a focus on independence, we are looking forward firmly, and with purpose.

This is perhaps best broken down into what we like to call the ‘4 Ds’ of education at Kells: Differentiation, Diversity, Digital Learning, and Direction. Continue reading to learn more about these core values and beliefs which inspire our passion for excellent, extraordinary education.