Kells Academy is committed to instilling strong, universal values in its students, teaching them the importance of positive action, community service, empathetic acts of kindness, and global friendships, and students have recently put these values into action by forming their own chapters of the WE Club and giving back to the community.

WE Charity, formerly known as Free the Children, is an organization focused on international development and youth empowerment. Founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995, when he was only twelve years old, the organization has since evolved into one of the top-rated charities in Canada, running development programs in nine countries, as well as programs in the US, UK, and Canada aimed at inspiring children and youth to become socially engaged global citizens. The charity aims to break cycles of poverty around the world by focusing on five key pillars: education, water, health, food, and opportunity.

Here’s how students at Kells Academy have taken up WE Charity’s mission of creating transformative social change by starting their own chapters of the WE Club and learning how to become active citizens in their communities.


Kells Elementary recently celebrated one of our favourite annual traditions: International Day! Diversity plays an important role in Kells’ commitment to providing global education, and International Day gives our students a chance to share their traditional food, dress, and culture with our community.

Our guests were invited to visit all the corners of the globe as students presented their personal projects on their home country. Representing over 30 different countries—from Mali to South Korea and Russia to Tunisia, among many others—our elementary students came together to share their special traditions and educate our community about their culture. Read on to find out more about how our students took our guests on a trip around the world, all in one day!


On December 7th, Kells Academy hosted our annual Invention Convention, which gives our students a chance to explore the more creative side of their educational curriculum. We aim to help students build connections between themselves and what they learn in and out of the classroom, and one of the best ways to do that is to encourage their pursuit of innovative thinking and problem-solving.

From designing a new play house with a candy cane theme to learning about the responsibilities of construction site safety, our students took this valuable opportunity to build their sense of creativity and innovation. If you’re interested in enriching your child’s education at Kells, read on to find out more about our special event that had students thinking outside the box.


There are many different skills we learn in childhood that influence how we grow up, as well as how we function and operate as adults. One of the more important skills is reading comprehension, which helps improve our ability to understand the world around us, as well as our personal experience and success in it.

The primary goal of reading comprehension is to encourage students to find meaning, make new connections and explore the ideas they encounter in the texts they read. Without comprehension strategies, students would not derive more than a superficial understanding of texts,and couldn’t use the information they read to enrich their education, development and growth as individuals. If you want to give your child the opportunity to improve their reading comprehension, read on to find out how the specialized curriculum at Kells Academy can benefit them throughout these crucial years of their development and beyond.


It’s important for schools to promote positive mental health in children from an early age. The classroom should be a place where young impressionable minds can find confidence, contentment and friendship so that they can develop into well-rounded, happy individuals.

This can be achieved to the promotion of self-expression, respect and generosity from elementary school onwards. At Kells Academy, we strive to do just that.