The Flex program complements the school’s wide range of extracurricular activities. This unique concept allows students at all levels to pursue their individual interests outside of the regular school curriculum. Students can select from a dozen subjects that range from the arts to the academics.

Both students and teachers feel that Flex is a stimulating addition to the school curriculum, and a great way to share their interests and passions. Students have the opportunity to learn alongside students of different ages, as the program’s courses are open to all grade levels. Additionally, it gives them a chance to explore areas that may be new and challenging to them. Teachers claim that the sense of achievement that students experience at Flex is evident, and beneficial to all aspects of their learning. Extremely popular with students, it has garnered rave reviews.

Flex is offered each term and students may choose the same course throughout the year or a variety, depending on their individual interests. Twice a week, students have the opportunity to participate in the Flex course they have selected from those described in this brochure. It is an engaging program and the students benefit greatly from its addition at Kells.

Amnesty International:

By committing to being an Amnesty activist, students gain valuable skills and tangible leadership experience, build community with people who are as passionate about human rights as they are, and become a part of a growing network of young people who are changing the world. As members of Amnesty International, students become part of a movement, joining a community of those who care about dignity, solidarity, and justice.


Chess at Kells is offered through "Math et Echec", a 30 year old organization affiliated with Canada's National Chess Association. Many of the instructors are National and International caliber chess players. They know how to interact with students of all ages in order to pass on the love of playing chess.

The instructors teach the role that each chess piece plays in the game. Students practice specific moves up to playing timed move games. The students have fun while at the same time using and developing many skills, such as problem solving, math concepts, logic, concentration, and patience."

Cinema & Film Studies:

Cinema and Film Studies Flex class teaches students how to critically examine film. In this course, we examine the history of film, genre, cinematic techniques, film theory and filmmaking. By examining these aspects, students will be able to experience cinema through a sharper lens enabling them to see beyond the screen.

Digital Media:

Creativity is valuable, and the ability to express our ideas and visions are changing rapidly with each passing year with the introduction of new technology and tools. Digital Media Flex is a hands-on course focused on fostering a wide range of skills used to produce meaningful digital content for a highly digitized world.


The Drama Flex class teaches acting, singing, and dance technique with an emphasis on the storytelling aspect of musical theatre. Students develop their vocal and dance technique and gain confidence by expressing intention and emotion. Students explore the musical theatre repertoire, learning about different composers and styles. The class culminates with an on-stage drama production at the end of the school year.

ESL Flex:

The academic social science flex class is aimed at supporting students, in particular those who are from Grade 9-11, who need extra English language support in learning History and Geography, to consolidate their understanding of the basic concepts and historical skills covered in their regular social science class. Students are encouraged to actively read and analyze different historical documents in a fun and interactive way.

Math Flex:

Our math teachers strongly believe that every student can be successful in Math with the right effort and attitude, regardless of how "good at math" they are. The Math Plus course is intended to support students in reviewing course content, developing problem solving skills and preparing for tests and exams. This program addresses the needs of students who seek remediation as well as students who want to explore mathematics at a faster pace or beyond the high school curriculum.


Sports Flex offers a place for students to test their athletic skills while staying physically fit through the school year. Each month, they learn the fundamentals of a different sport, starting with basic rules, introducing basic skills and fundamentals and moving on to scrimmages and game-like situations. Doing so often sparks students’ true interest in sports they have never played before. Typical sports include:

  • Basketball / Volleyball / Tennis / Spike Ball / Dodgeball /
  • Handball / Badminton / Futsal / Track & Field / Lacrosse
  • Soccer-Baseball / Flag Football / Pickleball / Floor Hockey


Flex Robotics is designed in a way to show students how the digital world and real world can work in great harmony. By making different robots, students will learn how to make something mechanical and by programming they will learn how to bring it to life. By following this process, they see the true power of programming and they will become comfortable telling the computer to carry out some tasks. By making robots, such as a mechanical arm or racing cars, students will learn about gear structures and how sensors work and what they can do. Students are engaged and excited as they make their robots compete against each other.


Release your physical, mental and energetic stress through the ancient practice of yoga. Each class includes a discussion on the day's theme, physical movement, and an accompanying meditation. During this fun and relaxing class, students will learn how to use yoga to support their wellbeing and integrate the practices into their daily lives.