Located in the heart of Montreal - a culturally diverse and vibrant city – Kells Academy reflects the global flavor of the city. With the help of a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, students graduate with fluency in both English and French. Kells' international students - some 250 students from over 20 countries, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Mexico and South America - thrive in the secure, cosmopolitan mix that is Montreal.

Fast Facts

  • Located on the island of Montreal in south central Quebec, Montreal has the largest urban French population outside of Paris, France. One of Canada's major cities (population 2.8 million) it is home to four universities and a flourishing business community.
  • Montreal boasts excellent libraries, museums, theatres, art galleries and extensive recreational and athletic facilities. It is renowned too for its festivals (jazz, film, Just for Laughs) and the celebrated Montreal Botanical Gardens.
  • A safe, convenient city with an Old World Latin charm, Montreal is less than a day's drive from New York, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls and just a few hours from the hills of the Laurentians, Eastern Townships and northern Vermont.
  • Tempered by the St. Lawrence River, Montreal's climate features hot, sunny summers; snowy, cold winters and moderate springs and autumns.\

Academic Community

While Montrealers pride themselves on their city's many cultural and recreational facets, the city is also a mecca for education. Prime among Montreal's English universities is the internationally respected McGill University. Countless students all over the world view an acceptance letter from McGill as a stunning achievement of a lifelong dream. McGill University competes on a global scale and, since 2005, has topped Macleans magazine's national university rankings – and shows no signs of stopping! For those more creatively inclined, Concordia University houses a globally acclaimed Fine Arts faculty with renowned professors.

No matter your ambitions, Kells Academy can help you get there. With alumni accepted into the top CEGEPs in the city, including the prestigious Marianopolis College, a wealth of academic opportunity and possibility awaits Kells graduates.

What's more, in 2012, QS World University Rankings ranked Montreal the 10th-best place in world to be a university student – the only Canadian city on the list. There's no doubt – Montreal's unique blend of diversity, culture, and rigorous educational institutions makes for an amazing academic experience!

Arts & Culture

Education need not only be about grades and studying. Everyone deserves a chance to experience life to the fullest – and there is no better city in which to have a truly unique experience than in Montreal!

As anyone who visits can attest, Montreal brims with creativity, culture, arts, and inspiration. Countless bilingual festivals highlight music, film, art, culture, food, comedy, literature, theatre, and more! Some of Montreal's most internationally renowned festivals include the Montreal Jazz Fest, the Just for Laughs Festival, the Montreal Highlights Festival, and the Fantasia Film Festival. There's something for everyone at any time of year.

Music in Montreal is a cultural staple, with award-winning artists such as Leonard Cohen, the Arcade Fire, Celine Dion, and Rufus Wainwright calling the city home. The independent music scene is constantly producing critically acclaimed new artists. With dozens of performance venues all over the city – including the newly renovated Place-des-Arts, which houses the Montreal Opera, Symphony, and Ballet – you will always find something to inspire you!

Visual artists in Montreal run the gamut; their art may be found in any of the city's remarkable art museums, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art – or in one of countless galleries dotting streets in virtually any neighbourhood. If visual art isn't your passion, countless other museums hold respected collections of items themed around history, architecture, ecology, science – even film or comedy! A solid library network serves both French and English patrons for literary types.

With countless exhibitions running throughout the year, and thanks to the many artists and cultural mavens who have made this city their home, Montreal is globally acknowledged to be one of the cultural capitals of the world. There is no better place to enjoy your education!

Sports & Activities

Montreal is a city designed for activity – fast, slow, and everything in between! With its prototypical bike-sharing system, Bixi, and over 350km of bike paths crossing the entire city, all of Montreal's exciting destinations are close at hand. Hike to the top of Mont-Royal and view the city from its peak; wander the many parks and gardens at your leisure; or even join one of dozens of amateur sports leagues, associations, and clubs.

For the sports spectator, nothing beats a city that thrives on its NHL hockey team! Loyal fans of the Montreal Canadiens inspire the entire city to cheer on the home team – especially when playoffs roll around! Other professional sports teams include the CFL's Alouettes, and the Montreal Impact. Whatever your athletic preference, there is sure to be something to get your heartrate up!