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A spectacular $100,000 Award from the University of Toronto

Mohammadamin Tabari Nia, an exceptional student in the Grade 12 program at Kells Academy. Originally from Iran, he came to Canada at 15 to pursue his education, showing remarkable determination and a zest for life. Throughout high school at Kells Academy, Mohammadamin maintained stellar grades, thanks to the collaboration between Virtual High School and Kells Academy while avidly enjoying his hobbies like playing the guitar, basketball and chess.



Mohammadamin’s great ambition is to become a brain surgeon for which he gets unwavering support from his family. His father’s values of healthy ambition, a balanced life and a strong work ethic have had a profound influence on shaping his own life. Graduating from the Kells Grade12 program with his Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Mohammadamin has been awarded a coveted $100,000 International Scholar Award from the University of Toronto for study in the Life Sciences Program. The award recognizes his academic excellence and potential in the field and will expose him to diverse courses like neurophysiology and genetics, nurturing his passion for healthcare and scientific exploration and becoming a doctor down the road. We celebrate Mohammadamin’s remarkable achievement and are very proud that the quality education he has received at Kells Academy has been instrumental in the journey towards his dream.