Coordinator's Profile

Kells Academy is proud to introduce Ms. Suzanne Bailey, our Grade 12 Coordinator. Ms. Bailey is not new to the Kells family. After receiving her Masters in Education from New York University, she taught in the New York City school system. She joined Kells as a history teacher in the Language Center in 2017 before transitioning to her post as Grade 12 Coordinator in 2020.

In her current position, Ms. Bailey’s primary objectives are to help our Grade 12 students graduate with an Ontario grade 12 diploma and navigate the labyrinth of higher education and make choices best suited to their individual skills and future career goals.

Extensive experience with both the US and Canadian educational systems makes Ms. Bailey very well suited to the task of advising students. In individual sessions with each student, she gets to know and understand them better and together they formulate a plan for the future. She assists with the completion of the University admission form and other pre-requisites for admission, and also helps with mapping their career path. The goal is to make optimal choices of finding a University best suited to their skills, thus ensuring professional success. One of our proud parents of a recent grade 12 graduate attributes her son's success to Ms. Bailey's dedication:

“I can’t thank you enough for caring, encouraging, pushing and just being there. His success is also your success.”

Every Grade 12 student avail themselves to Ms. Bailey’s experience and expertise in order to make their transition from High School to University as easy and as seamless as possible.