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Kells recommends: e-learning resources for students of all ages

When it comes to e-learning, Kells has a distinct advantage. Our remote learning capabilities were ten years in the making, with staff trained on early versions of Google Classroom. Evolving along with the platform has been an ongoing priority, so our teachers and students were comfortable with e-learning technology long before coronavirus became 2020's word of the year. The move to distance learning has been seamless for our students. We’ve leveraged our existing online academic program, moving forward with a government-mandated curriculum, as planned.

While teaching Kells students from the curriculum hasn’t changed, our teaching staff also knows where to go to get the best online teaching resources. Today, we're happy to share some of them with you. We know not all students here in Canada and elsewhere have enjoyed the same smooth transition towards distance learning as Kells students, and, instead, have to rely on alternative sources. We hope this curated list of resources will help make the lives of parents and their children a little easier.

Pre-K to Grade 2
Khan Academy Kids
App, Short videos, daily schedules, printable worksheets, interactive activities, library

Pre-K to Grade 6
Bedtime Math
Hands on math activities, integrated math, problems (also IXL,matific,prodigy)

Pre-K to Grade 9
Scholastic Learn at Home daily plans, varied activities, text to speech

Pre-K to Grade 12
Khan Academy
Various subjects, daily schedules, a variety of activities and lesson plans
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Various subjects, hands-on, pencil/paper, and tech-enabled activities

Kindergarten to Grade 12
Videos - all subjects, ELL, French Lessons include videos, quiz, game, worksheets
Access to student books, webinars for parent
Lesson Planet
Lesson plans - 10 day free access
Online escape room activities, various subjects

Grades 1-12
Open access to resources, Pearson ERPI K-6 digital workbooks

Grades 6-12
Math Help Services
Video lessons, guided examples, self test feature

All Grades
TEDEd@home: Videos, multiple choice & open ended questions, additional resources

Smiling Mind App
Down Dog App
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Go Noodle
Movement, dance, mindfulness

The Quebec government's Ministry of Education and Higher Education recently launched its Open School initiative in both French and English. Content is updated weekly.

Dear parents: Your well-being is important to us, and to educators across Canada. If you need support, know that you can reach out to us, or find resources in your communities. The Quebec government has made a wellness resource page available to you through the Open School platform. It includes a video you can use to explain the pandemic to your children, and links to resources available to you.

Do you need to speak with someone? Dial 811 to be connected to the Info-Social service or visit Québec.ca for more information.