Kells Academy is proud to offer a unique Pre-University Grade 12 Program which prepares students for admission to top universities. Our students have the advantage of completing a 1 year academic program leading straight to University, instead of the required two years of CEGEP in Quebec. Grade 12 students are then eligible to apply to all university undergraduate programs across North America and abroad. Since starting our program in 2017, our graduates have gone on to pursue post secondary education in top universities such as McGill, Concordia, University of Toronto, Ryerson and Carlton.

The leap from Grade 11 to college can be a difficult hurdle for many students, who must manage a much more rigorous and challenging workload independently, often without individual guidance from professors. At Kells, we place our attention on the students and monitor their progress, as we give them the tools they need to succeed in challenging courses. During this transition year, our students develop the independent skills necessary for success in University, while still having the support and secure environment of a high school setting. Through a personalized approach, we ensure that each student is well prepared to enter their post-secondary program of choice.

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