A vastly superior level of student support.

A student’s support needs can be as individual as their learning capability. Kells provides support that anticipates the needs and embraces a student’s issues in keeping with his or her individualized learning program.

Our complete support services:

  • Resource Room, providing workgroup opportunity for students to connect with a teacher
  • Providing students with an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) when necessary
  • On site tutorial services during and after school hours including weekends
  • Resource time for students needing extra assistance
  • Close collaboration with outside professional services
  • A Special Education consultant available for parents and students
  • A Guidance Counsellor to facilitate with CEGEP and university admissions
  • Providing extended time, scribes, and readers for examinations where psychological testing indicates the need
  • Up-to-date technology including iPads from Secondary I-IV, SmartBoards, laptop computers, and assistive technologies (such as Word Q)
  • Homework programs after school, mentorship
  • School assignments online portal
  • Additional ESL and FSL after school
  • Elementary-to-High School, and High School-to-College Transition Teams