It's a Buzz at Elementary

After a study of bees, kindergarten to grade two students buzzed with excitement as they headed to the Intermiel Honey Farm for an authentic learning experience. Students learned about bee society and the life of a beehive, the importance of pollination, the role of the beekeeper, and the extraction of honey.

Two lucky students were chosen to wear a beekeeper’s outfit and help the beekeeper open an active beehive. They pulled the honeycomb from the hive and were shown how the wax is removed. In the extraction room, students were selected to turn the handle of the extractor as they watched the honey flow from the combs.

Students’ favourite moments included the honey taste test, when they were able to taste the many varieties of honey produced at the farm. After ending the day by playing with the farm animals, students happily headed back to school with a jar of fresh honey in hand.


By Pippa Brady & Andrea Miller