Is Grade 12 right for you?

Through experience we understand the challenges that young adults face during that defining period between high school and university, and so we have created a Grade 12 Program that recognises and supports the individual needs of each student. A Grade 12 Kells student benefits from:

  • ✓ The advantage of a one year academic program leading to University instead of two years of CEGEP.
  • ✓ Eligibility for admission to all Universities in North America and Europe
  • ✓ A Transition year to develop the independent skills needed for success in University, while still having the support and secure environment of high school.
  • ✓ One-on-one academic advising is offered to assist students in choosing a suitable University program.
  • ✓ A tutorial approach in a classroom setting allows for a high degree of personal attention to help students succeed.
  • ✓ Daily afterschool remediation for extra support in all Grade 12 subjects
  • ✓ Students have access to all course content and assignments in advance and highly motivated students can progress at an accelerated pace beyond the classroom instruction.
  • ✓ As a member of the Kells community, Grade 12 students can participate in special events, trips, extracurricular activities, athletic teams, as well as have access to all counseling services offered at Kells.
  • ✓ The privilege of studying alongside classmates from all around the world. Learning in such a multicultural milieu teaches students to embrace and celebrate diversity.