Grade 12 Program

Students follow Ontario curriculum courses with full in class instruction and support on-site at Kells Academy. Students choose one of four streams that best suits their interests; Science & Engineering, Health Sciences, Commerce or Liberal Arts. Guided by their Kells teachers, students develop independent study skills while navigating all course material online, accessible from their laptops at school, home, or anywhere else using their smart devices. Kells teachers and our Grade 12 program coordinator work closely with VHS online teachers to monitor and ensure student progress. Upon completion, students graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


Academic Support

At Kells, the class structure is divided into lecture periods and working periods providing students detailed instruction followed by 1:1 support to complete assessments and evaluations. During lecture periods, students will be taught the curriculum through engaging lessons where student participation is encouraged. Our teachers will supplement the online content with lecture notes, in-depth analysis of each topic with real world examples, and formative assessments to ensure each student has acquired the selected topic of study. Furthermore, additional group tutorials are offered prior to formal evaluations such as tests and exams. In working periods, students will have the opportunity to complete assignments, essays or labs under the guidance of their teacher who will provide invaluable feedback regarding their course work and progress. A tutorial approach in a classroom setting allows for a high degree of personal attention to help each student succeed.

Student Support

Grade 12 students are given a detailed course outline for each course at the beginning of the semester indicating topics covered in each week of study, assignment due dates and formal evaluation dates. With the support of the Grade 12 Coordinator, students develop time management skills and learn how to prioritize their work and studying. Additionally, the Grade 12 Coordinator meets with students individually on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting course objects in line with the requirements for their desired university program of study. Furthermore, students and parents are provided detailed Academic Progress Reports every 3 weeks.

At Kells, we understand that students learn and process at different paces, which is why we have made sure there is ample time both in class and after school for students to study, review, and ask for help. At anytime, students in need of academic support may reach out to their online teachers, in-school teachers, or access their own 24h/day online tutoring service account. With unparalleled guidance , our Grade 12 students get the individualized attention whenever they need.

  • Accommodations: Students in need of accommodations are encouraged to apply. Based on a review of a student’s assessment, accommodations such as extra time on exams, or memory aid for class tests may be granted.
  • ESL Support: Students must meet the minimum requirements for language proficiency to be admitted to Grade 12. Students who meet this requirement, but wish to improve their English skills further may enroll in after-school ESL courses offered at Kells.
  • Accelerated Pace: Using an online platform affords students the opportunity to view future assignments and units. This allows highly self-motivated students to independently study future chapters and finish assignments at a faster pace than what is taught in class. Upon approval from the Grade 12 coordinator and Kells principal, students may be permitted to take final exams earlier than the scheduled date, and finish the semester or school year in a shorter time!


Diploma Requirements


  • 30 credits (one credit per course): After a review of students prior academic transcripts, up to 23 equivalent credits may be granted for the courses a student had completed, from grades 9 through 11, before entering the program. The remaining 7 credits are earned through the Kells Grade 12 program.
  • Community Service: Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service. This is an important part of a student’s growth, helping them to develop outside of the classroom by gathering new skills, showing responsibility, building their resume and learning how to become more engaged community members. Students will have guidance throughout the year to find community involvement opportunities which suit their interests.
  • The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test: For students to receive their OSSD, they must successfully pass a standardized test. The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a requirement for all students following an Ontario curriculum, and is offered once a year in March. Kells will host and invigilate the test for students. In addition, students will have some time allotted in their weekly schedules in Semester 2 for OSSLT preparation classes. If a student is unsuccessful, they have the option of taking the Ontario literacy course to satisfy the requirement.