Important message : Covid-19 impact

We're happy to confirm that Kells Academy remains operational.

Kells students continue to attend classes, thanks to the eLearning program put in place by our dedicated teachers. Our admissions office continues to accept and process inquiries and applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Our administration continues to manage the transition our senior students will soon be making to CEGEP and universities.

We are here for you.

Together, we’ll rise to this new challenge and ensure that we navigate it safely and successfully.
Our students’ physical and emotional health is of paramount importance to us. Our staff is working tirelessly to ensure students remain engaged and stimulated, and that they successfully complete their school year.

We are closely following the effects of the COVID‑19 pandemic. We want to reassure students, parents and staff that Kells Academy is following all health and government mandated directives. As a result, our four campuses will not reopen until May 4th. This timeframe may evolve.

We communicate regularly with students and parents. Please subscribe to our mailing list for Kells updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Letters to parents are archived on our blog.

Letters to parents:

The Kells community is strong. Together, we will continue our tradition of caring and excellence.

Reach out to us with any questions.

Neil Banerjee
High School Principal

Janice Ewanyshyn
Middle School Coordinator

Najma Ali
Language Centre Coordinator

Lesley Farrell

Irene Woods
Director and founder, Kells Academy