The Path from Kells to McGill University

May 2013

I arrived to Montreal with my children in August 2006, and immediately began my search for a school to enroll my daughter Haya, who was in 8th grade at the time. After visiting many schools, it became clear to me that the high caliber mentors and unique learning environment offered by Kells Academy made it the best option for Haya.

At first, I was very anxious that my daughter would not be able to adapt easily to the new school. However, all uncertainty disappeared once I witnessed how the hospitable environment at Kells was not only helping Haya adjust and integrate herself quickly but also providing her with opportunities to develop qualities that helped her grow both academically and personally. Within a few months, Haya became part of the musical band, Student Activity Council, and in later years, editor of the Yearbook and member of the Peer Mediation Committee. This was only made possible through the help of committed teacher and members of the staff who always inspired her, encouraged her to always pursue excellence and provided her with countless possibilities to participate in extracurricular activities that enriched her experience. Even now, Haya always says that her best school years were spent at Kells, where she was surrounded by a supportive community that made her learning experience unforgettable.

The knowledge and the skills that Haya developed during her years at Kells facilitated her transition to CEGEP and motivated her to continue her studies in Health Science at Marianopolis College and now, as a student in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. I could not be more grateful to everyone at Kells for being instrumental in Haya’s achievements.

Today, when friends ask me for advice, I have no hesitation in recommending Kells Academy because I am certain that it provides students with the best opportunities to excel and guides them towards achieving their goals. The teachers and mentors at Kells work tirelessly to allow students to make use of all the tools they need to pave their paths to success!

Worood Nasralla