Some Exciting Curriculum-Related News!

I am excited to introduce two new additions to our Elementary program:


Kells Academy is introducing ‘Flex Scheduling’ this year at both the elementary and high school levels. Designed to meet both curriculum requirements and student interest, activities will vary from term to term. Enhancing our learning environment, rich experiential multi-sensory learning activities will build attention span, organizational and problem solving skills, enhance language and math, and most importantly, bolster self-confidence.

The Day 5 Flex afternoon will be devoted to preparations for an elementary December stage production involving music, drama, set design, backstage assistance and publicity. Day 10 activities for the first term will include Bon Appétit, Cinéma, Express Yourself!, Battle of the Books and Ultimate Frisbee and Yoga. We look forward to supporting and celebrating creativity and capitalizing on our students' interests and strengths to engage them in further learning.


The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) is being used at the elementary school for French language learning this year. Based on solid research, the AIM methodology accelerates language acquisition through a multi sensory arts and literacy approach, using drama, music, dance and creative writing to appeal to all learning styles. The use of gestures and the inductive teaching of grammar enhances language learning and increases engagement and motivation.