We Take Charge!

Once again, Kells Elementary has committed to a year of action campaigns with We Schools, an educational program by Free the Children. This movement challenges educators and students to be empowered to make a difference both locally and globally. As part of a network of over 10,000 schools, students take part in monthly campaigns which foster leadership skills and active citizenship.

The year begins with WE TAKE CHARGE, a month long sustainability living pledge. Spirit Committee members initiated a school wide contest for the "Greenest Classroom" to be determined at the end of the month. They filmed their own iMovie about WE TAKE CHARGE, which they showed at a student run assembly, in which they demonstrated how students can improve their environmental impact. They are "inspecting" classes daily and awarding points for remembering to turn lights and Smartboard off when not in use, least waste, remembering to put recycling in the recycling bin, and no waste snacks.

Our everyday choices have a direct impact on our future and the future of our planet. We have the power to change and we can take charge.