Transition to High School

Kells recognizes how daunting the transition from elementary to high school can be for many students, with more challenging coursework, increased homework, and new social dynamics. Along with the new freedom they experience as high school students, comes the greater responsibility for their own learning. Kells’ multi-level support eases the transition and lays groundwork for a positive and enriching high school experience.

Students are first introduced to high school life in the early part of grade 6, with several group visits to our secondary school. In order to familiarize themselves with their soon-to-be new learning environment, students participate in activities and programs specially designed to increase confidence and alleviate anxiety. During these visits, students have the opportunity to meet the Principal, teachers and faculty who will guide them through a smoother transition to high school.

In addition, the Transition Team consisting of the Director, Elementary and High School Principals, grade 6 and 7 Teachers, and Guidance Counsellor meet to discuss the academic and social/emotional needs of each student moving from Kells Elementary to Kells High School.