Located in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, endless exciting opportunities are available throughout the year. Culturally rich, it is predominantly French speaking and the 2nd largest city in Canada. There are few places in North America that are more wonderful to live in than the city of Montreal. From the historic Old Port to the scenic views from Mount Royal, it is a very unique city. The diversity, history, and entertainment of Montreal will no doubt provide an unforgettable experience for your child.

Kells residence rooms are equipped with single beds, closets, desks, lamps, and dressers. Each room is shared by a maximum of two students, however the premium option of a single room is also available. Male and female dorms are kept separate and parents can take comfort that our faculty provide a secure and caring environment for their child.

Our staff participates fully in boarding life by implementing daily structure, as well as academic and personal support, which allows students to strive to their maximum potential in a positive and nurturing environment. Furthermore, boarding school offers a plethora of exciting experiences, including competitive athletics, high quality educators, and of course, great friendships.

The residence will have full time supervision and be equipped with video surveillance to ensure the safety of our students. In order to maintain academic focus, there will be a mandatory prep time in the evenings from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday. Additional tutoring is available when needed at an extra cost. Private language courses are also available for students who would like to improve their English skills.

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are provided for boarding students. While enjoying delicious meals, students meet new people and foster lifelong friendships. Our residence will be equipped with common room spaces, Wi-Fi accessibility, telephones, TVs, DVD players, couches, areas for socializing and kitchen areas where students can prepare food at night or on weekends. We will also run our own snack shop.

Throughout the year, the school organizes additional activities for the students in residence. Optional field trips and excursions are also offered on the weekends at an additional cost.

Students will enjoy a strong sense of community at Kells residence and be provided with an enriching and memorable experience.