With the knowledge of technology, students can achieve exceptional things. “Students were very excited and hard-working. They were thirsty for new objectives, challenges, and projects,” claims Kells Technology Specialist, Alireza Kamali. 


Redesigning Knowledge

Kells Technology Specialist, Alireza Kamali, taught the first (but definitely not the last) Robotics class. Alireza’s overall objective was to inspire students to think big. He says, “If students have a little bit of technology knowledge they can do big things, so if they learn more and have a greater knowledge, they can do greater things!”

With this in mind, students underwent a thorough interview process, designed to ensure Robotics was the right fit for the students.Some of the topics included in the course were: Basic Logic of Programming, Lego Programming Language, Car Mechanics, Gear Structure, Creating Smart Cars, and Designing A Remote Control for a Custom-Built Robot.

Alireza shares, “Students were very excited and hard-working. They were thirsty for new objectives, challenges, and projects. They started to realize whether they are more interested in the mechanical aspect of the course or the programming part of it, and I adjusted the groups so they were able to do what they liked most. The students were fast learners and as soon as they understood the concept, they taught each other.”

For example, Alireza shares that there are some cars designed to automatically brake when they get too close to an object. This concept was taught in the Robotics class and students witnessed how simple this actually is. When you have the knowledge, you have tools to act. “Perhaps one day, they too can invent something.”

Alireza looks forward to the next Flex Robotics Course. He envisions students working as a team and building one big robot.

The students, as well as Alireza, found the experience to be highly stimulating. What’s to come in the future? Alireza hopes to take the students to Robotics Competitions!