Choosing the right Kindergarten for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make!

Enter a welcoming environment where teachers understand that a one size fits all approach to learning does not work. At Kells kindergarten, top-notch teachers engage students by adapting to the needs of each learner, ensuring a "just right" level of instruction. In this environment, students trust their teachers, are inspired to discover, to learn, to be creative and above all develop confidence in their skills and abilities.


In classes with state of the art teaching tools, the kindergarten program prepares students for first grade and beyond. Our program is fully rooted in active discovery with multi sensory experiences fundamental to the development of speaking and listening skills, emergent reading and writing, number sense, social competence, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. Proficiency in the French Language starts in Kindergarten with the highly engaging multimodal Aim Language Learning program.

School Life

Opportunities for artistic expression develop students’ ever increasing imagination and creativity. We offer a full range of sports, cooperative games and creative movement to develop gross motor skills. Participation in school wide events, field trips and nature visits to our outdoor garden classroom further enhance the program. With plans to develop an indoor garden Kells is well on its way to becoming a Green school.


At Kells, we embrace technology as a powerful asset, making learning more interesting, fun and relevant. With Smart Boards and iPads in every classroom, students and teachers have immediate access to today's most powerful digital tools. Students easily engage in interactive lessons and Kells recognizes the importance of technology by preparing students for the future. Kells is proud to be considered a leader in digital instruction.

Peaceful Schools

Kells understands the uniqueness of every learner and takes every step to ensure that each one enjoys the best possible learning experience. Kells strongly believes in creating a school-wide culture of peace and is a member of Peaceful Schools International.