Welcome to Kells Kindergarten

Rooted in the belief that learning springs from a wondrous curiosity about the world around them, this spark is ignited at Kells from the first day at Kindergarten where we make every effort to ensure that children will love to learn from teachers who love to teach.

We see it as our mission to develop and nurture curiosity in a child and accomplish this by encouraging inquisitiveness and experimentation. We make every effort to ensure that this leads our students to develop self-confidence and a lifelong love of learning.

We begin this journey early in kindergarten where the focus is three-fold - on the attention and quality of individual care, on building the blocks of learning through a varied and enriching academic curriculum, and an emphasis on promoting positive social relationships and social emotional wellness.

Kindergarten students come from very different backgrounds and have a wide range of abilities. Our small class size enables us to assess and tailor flexible and individualized programs based upon their inherent strengths and abilities. The goal at Kells Kindergarten is to develop all aspects of a child’s personality – scholastic, creative, physical, social and civic and start them on the path to their full potential.

In the academic curriculum, we use innovative teaching methods based on the latest scientific pedagogical techniques to teach the basic concepts of reading, writing and mathematics. A strong foundation of early literacy is built through phonics, phonemic awareness and a focus on both oral and written language development. Using hands-on activities and authentic learning experiences, students explore numeration, early geometry, patterning, and basic arithmetic before moving on to abstract concepts and the application of those skills to problem solving. Our kindergarten program challenges students with science inquiry and experimentation as well as social studies to help them recognize their place in the world around them.

Apart from traditional teaching techniques, we recognize the importance of introducing children to digital literacy at an early age. The Kells Kindergarten digital program includes practical graphic based tools, like programmable robots and iPad apps, where children begin to learn fundamental computer programming skills in a fun and engaging way.

Early engineering fundamentals and basic concepts of science are also introduced through hands-on experiments as is the use of media and information gathering.

To develop the creative side of their personality, art and music form an intrinsic part of the kindergarten curriculum. Creative expression builds confidence and supports emotional development. Students take great pride in opportunities to perform and display their work.

Through classroom activities and events, the children are taught about both their immediate community and the larger global community. Emphasis on physical activity, building character, decision making, self awareness and social development skills are also woven into the fabric of the nurturing environment at kindergarten. Opportunities in our outdoor garden classroom and visits from our beekeepers enhance the program further with the heightened cognitive, physical, and social benefits of outdoor education.

Our students come from around the corner and from around the world and learn within an open and inclusive environment that explores and celebrates the diversity of the world we share with others and the values and ideals of the community in which we live.