Visual & Performing Arts

Our strong belief in the importance of the Arts, is upheld by a multitude of research indicating the positive benefits of artistic expression. Each art form offers unique skills and opportunities for self awareness, exploration and creative thinking. The Arts also link other subjects together with a deepening understanding of culture, history and society. At every grade level, we provide exceptional progressive instruction in the fine arts.

Studying a musical instrument, creating a painting, learning a dance routine, or singing in a choir, teaches students the value of patience and persistence essential to other academic endeavors


Visual Arts

Inspiring imagination and creativity, our Visual Arts program encourages students to experiment with a variety of mediums (charcoal, pastels, paint, clay, printmaking, wire). They are introduced to the great masters of the world, as well as modern artists, learning about the wide range of cultural and historical perspectives reflected in visual images. Creating, looking at, and reflecting on art, helps learners know themselves and gain confidence as they build an art portfolio.

Students also enjoy visits to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where they have the opportunity for an immersive art experience.

Our program fosters the creative spirit, as students find their unique voices and develop skills that may last a lifetime.



The joyful sounds of children making music ring through the halls of Kells Elementary. It is exciting to watch budding musicians grow with increasing confidence as they begin a musical journey that includes singing, instrumentation, theory, music history and appreciation. Students are introduced to a wide variety of musical genres, exploring their origins and place in history. Students also have the opportunity to write lyrics and compose both traditionally and digitally. From small percussion instruments and glockenspiels, students may move on to electric drum, ukulele, guitar or keyboards.

For those who love to sing, in addition to music class, joining the school choir gives them ample opportunities to rejoice in song and perform.

Besides providing a performance venue for talented musicians, singers, dancers and actors, a sense of teamwork, belonging and community is derived from participating in our eagerly awaited Spring Concert each year. This performance opportunity also allows students to have a first hand experience with many facets of professional production such as staging, lighting, set design, props, and costuming.

Students interested in dance have the opportunity to develop skills in our dance program and take part in our annual production. For those who are interested in acting, drama, storytelling, public speaking, and role-playing are integrated into the curriculum in addition to performance opportunities.

The many skills developed through the arts are part of a rich and creative curriculum and often become a lifelong passion.