KEYS - Kells Education For Your Success

The goal of the KEYS Centre is to ensure that Kells students are offered the support they need to excel. In collaboration with our Learning Specialist, our classroom teachers design high quality learning experiences that are accessible to all students with the appropriate level of challenge.

In the KEYS Centre, in smaller groups, our learning specialist guides the learning process to build solid foundational skills in reading, writing and math. Progress is monitored on a regular basis guiding the next step of learning. Using a variety of teaching approaches and evaluation methods to engage interest allows students to master the curriculum or go beyond.

Our 1-1 iPad program facilitates learning and allows for more options and greater flexibility. Students receive training in the use of a variety of strategies and digital tools, so in short, our students learn how to learn.

In order to accommodate our English Language Learners and those with no or little prior French learning, our International Student program offers additional support for language acquisition both during the school day and after school. Students maintain a high level of study by attending regular grade level courses which also help strengthen their language skills.

At Kells, we are proactive and responsive to the needs of the individual. Whether a higher degree of difficulty and complexity is needed or support for reading, writing or math, in a learning environment that supports success, students develop a growth mindset and feel safe to take risks.