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Celebrating culture and heritage: International Day at Kells

International Day at Kells Elementary was a great success yet again this year, with 38 cultures represented. Our young students celebrated their heritage, wearing a cultural dress and sampling food from countries as diverse as South Korea, Iraq, Lebanon, Australia, Iran, Mauritania, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Italy, France, and Britain. Each participating student prepared displays highlighting the richness of their cultural traditions.

Parents, friends, and relatives of our elementary school children were invited to participate, and we were thrilled to welcome a full house, with everyone enjoying the displays and variety of tasty treats.

Kells parents in attendance best sum up the benefit of this annual activity:

“The lessons (my son) learned through simple acts of kindness will remain in him no matter what he hears or learns about politics and wars. No one will be able to take away the feelings he walked away with, whether it be pride about his own culture or that there are neighbouring countries with people just like him and his family who live for the same ideas and want peace just as much as his people do. Thank you once again for giving our children and us as parents the tools with which we can instill positive and important lessons in life.”

"Hello, Ms. Perlman,
I just wanted to send a quick note to say how impressed (we) were today. A big congrats and thank you to yourself and the teachers for helping the kids pull off such a success.
It was absolutely fantastic to see the effort that went into the projects and posters, and the enthusiasm of the kids to speak about their countries and heritage was adorable.
We really enjoyed ourselves and it was very clear how much the students and staff enjoyed themselves as well. They should all be really proud.
Many thanks to you all for such a great event."

Join us next year, won’t you?