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Kells on the World Stage - The World Scholar’s Cup

Kells students have been excelling on the international stage, at the World Scholar’s Cup, a very prestigious team competition with participants from 82 countries. Founded in 2006, the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) aims to bring together students from different countries and cultures – those who are interested in learning beyond the set academic curricula and in discussing issues and ideas that are relevant today. Typically each school sends two to three students who participate in four standard round events in six subjects: Science, Literature, Art & Music, Special Area, History, and Social Studies.



2019 Celebration of Achievement

In 2019, three students from Kells Academy represented the school at the local, global and international levels. At the local round, Hai Minh L., Phuong (Katie) H., and Carolyn Mae D. won second place against schools from the Montreal region. Moving onto the global round at the Hague, Netherlands, our students took 11th place while competing against more than 500 students from 51 countries. In November our three student scholars continued their challenge against world champions from around the globe at Yale University, ranking an impressive 15th!

Subjects for discussion included the following:
Special Area - Unsolved Mysteries
Literature - Voices from the Margins
Social Studies - On the Edge of the Society
History - Neglected histories
Science - Enabling Technologies
Art and Music - Louder than Words

Debate topics included the following:
Everyone should wear a GPS watch.
Should we be politically correct in WSC debates?
Is it important who actually wrote Shakespeare's plays?
We need a technology that would allow us to change our ethnicity
We’re proud of Hai Minh, Katie, and Carolyn Mae, as well as of their coach, Mr.Jankowski, for this impressive result. Stay tuned for more from Kells students as new teams continue to accept the World Scholar’s Cup challenge in 2020!

Interested in joining the World Scholar’s Cup team? Reach out to Mr. Jankowski today!