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Across the Universe: Exploring the Songs of the Beatles at Our English Private School’s Spring Concert

The annual Spring concert is a special event for Kells Academy. It brings our community together and gives our students the opportunity to showcase their musical, dramatic and dance talents for family and friends. This year we varied from tradition by putting on a full musical production, an adapted version of the film Across The Universe, which features many of The Beatles legendary songs. Through close collaboration, teamwork, dedication and no small amount of talent, approximately 175 students from 4 campuses came together to create a superb show with an unforgettable message of peace, love and understanding.

For this year’s theme, our students chose to take a trip Across the Universe—and across the pond—to explore and celebrate the themes of some of the Beatles’ most memorable songs. Through close collaboration, teamwork, dedication, and no small amount of talent, our students and staff came together to create a superb show with an unforgettable message of peace, love, and understanding.

Read on to find out what surprises our students had in store for this year’s spring concert!

Kells Students ‘Come Together’ to Celebrate the Performing Arts

Our mission at Kells Academy is to provide our students with a diverse and meaningful learning environment. This dedication includes showcasing their talent in the performing arts, which allows students to put their creative passions at the forefront for all to enjoy and appreciate. From song to dance and acting to choreography, our superstars had a chance to shine at this year’s spring concert.

May 15 English private school 1

The spring concert at Kells blends music, performance, and dance into one special event

The performing arts gives students a way to express ideas and concepts in new and creative ways, and put their talents to use as they explored the timeless messages behind many of the Beatles’ most popular hits.

Our show this year featured performances by elementary, middle and high school students, as well as special appearances by the Kells Elementary Choir as they followed the tale of Jude and Lucy. Students of our academic English school also had the chance to break out their choreography and dance skills in numbers such as ‘Hold Me Tight’, ‘Come Together’ and ‘With You Without You’.

Students in Kells Musical Program Had No Problem Staying in Harmony

One of the best aspects of the spring concert is that it gives students a chance to flex their musical muscles and get everyone tapping their toes, and our students truly accomplished this with their creative take on the hits of Liverpool’s most famous quartet.

The Kells musical program aims to help students develop a deep appreciation for the music and instruments they work with, and gives them many opportunities to grow and build the skills they learn in class through real and meaningful experiences, including performing at our spring concert.

May 15 independent school 1

Students at Kells have the opportunity to showcase their unique musical talents at our spring concert

Under the guidance of Musical Director Mark Kennedy, our independent school students displayed their instrumental skills on drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, grand piano, French horn, trombone, ukulele and garbage can percussion! Our Kells Academy Core Band showed that they were up to the challenge of accompanying their peers throughout the musical. Live performances help bring our students’ special talents to the stage, and build confidence in their own musical abilities, as well as in their own creativity and passion for the arts.

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