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Inside the International Peace Day Assembly at Our English Elementary School

On September 21st, students and staff came together at Kells Academy to participate in the International Peace Day Assembly and celebrate with messages of compassion, collaboration, and goodwill. During the assembly, our students recited the Kells Peace Pledge, and each class made their own presentation about inspiring and encouraging the idea of peace around the world.

After the assemblies, students participated in the Pinwheels for Peace Project, which featured personalized pinwheels of their own design planted outside as a visual representation of peace. The Spirit Committee also got to work and put the finishing touches on a new Buddy Bench, which gives our students a place to sit at recess if they find themselves in need of a buddy to keep them company. Read on to learn more about how Kells celebrated International Peace Day.

The Kells Peace Pledge

We believe that it’s important for our students and staff to always keep peace in mind, even after International Peace Day, in order to build a lasting culture of compassion and respect. Our students created their very own Peace Pledge to hang in the hallways of our elementary school and later signed it themselves, providing a visual reminder to everyone who walks our halls that commitment and dedication are just as important to spreading peace as promoting it through words and speech.

The Pinwheels for Peace Project at Our English Elementary School

The Pinwheels for Peace Project first began as an art installation by teachers in Coconut Creek, Florida to give their students a way to express their feelings about war, peace, and tolerance. Our private elementary school students designed and crafted their own unique pinwheels to plant in our garden and used their creative talents to reflect on how they could promote peace and goodwill throughout the world.

private elementary school

Our students designed and created their own Pinwheels for Peace

In addition to encouraging students to think about sharing messages of peace, the spinning of the pinwheels is also meant to symbolize the spread of it throughout the world. Since its inauguration in 2005, these installations have begun appearing all over the word, with more than four million planted to date.

Coming Together to Create a Peace Quilt and a Buddy Bench

We also spread the love during International Peace Day at Kells by coming together to make a Peace Quilt. Each of our English elementary school students hand-crafted a paper quilt square, which was then joined together to create a Peace Quilt; a symbol of comfort that aims to change attitudes and draw attention to an important cause through the joining of separate pieces into a harmonious and unified image.

English academic elementary school

Kells students gathered together to paint a new Buddy Bench for International Peace Day

Finally, our Spirit Committee was inspired to begin painting a new Buddy Bench for students to use at recess if they feel like they need a friend. The Buddy Bench is a simple way of addressing a child’s sense of loneliness and aims to foster friendship on the playground. Peace begins with compassion for your fellow human being and adding a Buddy Bench that will further encourage students towards inclusivity and kindness felt like the cherry on top of a wonderful International Peace Day.

Are you interested in having your child participate in the next International Peace Day at our English academic elementary school?

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