Beyond Our Expectations!

October 2018

Our nephew has just started his second year at Kells and is in Grade 9. To say this school has embraced and empowered him in so many wonderful ways is an understatement. We have been incredibly impressed with the administration, teachers and curriculum. On top of this, the school’s sports program has been excellent. The entire Kells team has been phenomenal in ensuring that our nephew is thriving on every level. The level of attention they pay to each student is exceptional. We knew that Kells had a super reputation but it has gone beyond our expectations. The teachers and school staff are so genuine in how they want the students to excel - and if there are any difficulties, they are responsive and on top of it. Direction that we have received from Mr. Banerjee both last year and this year, has not only been spectacularly helpful but he’s been right at every turn. Our nephew was born in Ethiopia, attended school in New Brunswick and then switched to Kells last year. He and we couldn’t be happier and his marks and demeanor show this. A huge thank you to the entire Kells’ body including Ms. Woods. A shout out, too, to Ms. Marosi as she has been a fantastic resource for us since Day One.

Suzanne & Frank Csik
Aunt & Uncle of Gr. 9 Student Yosef Thomas