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Kells Academy Introduces Middle School

Middle School, a transitional step, has emerged with the realization of the enormous physical and psychological differences between early adolescents and Elementary or High School students. As students move up the academic ladder, the switch from a protective and nurturing elementary school to an independent and autonomous High School environment can be daunting. Increased assignments and work-loads and the demands for self-reliance can leave a child feeling insecure and negatively impact both their academic and social development. Coupled with a combination of physical and emotional changes, it is a sensitive time for students encompassing adjustment in many areas- making it a time of great opportunity – and of great risk.


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In creating the Middle School, Kells has made a commitment to adolescents built on the rationale that it is the optimal platform to capitalize on this period of immense potential and positive development. A model of education that values both academic success and character development, the Middle School has been designed to give educators the opportunity to help develop the child’s cognitive as well as non-cognitive skills. With an emphasis on community building, the teachers work with special student-centric programs to instil character strengths like self-control, curiosity, social, and interpersonal and optimal decision-making skills with the aim of developing socially competent and emotionally balanced young men and women.

Academically, the nurturing and safer environment will allow for greater individual attention. Our program will prepare our students for the next stage of their educational path in High School.

Kells Middle School

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