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From ME to WE: Action Campaigns for WE Charity

After receiving an award in June 2017 for outstanding contribution, Kells Elementary was even more motivated than usual to exceed our previous donations to the N.D.G. Food Depot for the Halloween ‘WE Scare Hunger Campaign’. By taking part in action campaigns for WE Schools, Kells Elementary is making a difference both locally and around the world.

The Spirit Committee hung posters and went class to class to bring awareness to students about the need to scare away hunger from our community. Non-perishable food items were collected for a period of two weeks.
In addition to the food drive, Spirit Committee members got creative and enjoyed making a rainbow of Halloween Slime. Excited students of all ages lined up to make a slime purchase, allowing us to also make a monetary contribution to the N.D.G. Food Depot.

Beginning the first of our Global action campaigns on November 23rd, students held our annual Rafiki Bracelet and Bake Sale. Rafiki bracelets are handmade by women in Kenya using traditional skills passed on through generations. Each purchase helps to impact not only the life of the artisan, but of a child or family in a WE Charity partner community.

By Marla Perlman