Credit Courses


Credit Course Review Programs: (Grades 10- 11)

These reviews are designed for students who have already taken the course and are familiar with the material and content. The focus is on preparing students for the final exam. Test taking strategies are a component of the program.

Dates: July 9th-July 26th: Monday-Thursday
Exam Week: July 27th-August 3rd
Times: to be determined
Cost: $550.00 per course
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Grade 10:
· English Language Arts (632-406)
· French Second Language(634-404)
· Mathematics (563-414) CST
· Mathematics (565-426) SN
· History & Citizenship (585-404)
· Science & Technology (555-444)
· Env.Science & Technology (558-404)
· Math Bridge CST to SN
· Science Bridge ST to EST

Grade 11:
· English Language Arts (612-536)
· French Second Language(634-504)
· Mathematics (563-504) CST
· Mathematics (565-506) SN
A minimum of 6 students registered per course are required in order for it to be offered.

Bridge Courses:
Grade 10 students whose average is 80% or above in Mathematics CST or Science and Technology ST have the opportunity to enroll in a Mathematics grade 10 SN or grade 10 EST (Environmental, Science, and Technology). The application must include a recommendation letter from the referring school or teacher.


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